Qbitrex Letterhead

Quantum Computing using Black Body Radiation at Standard Temperature and Pressure

Project Current Status as at 1 February 2017

  • Physical Proof Of Concept (POC) Design has been completed
  • Basic Spec is a 64 bit per Register - 2 Transmitting Registers & 2 Receiving registers
  • One 64 bit Transmitting Register can be switched to the the quantum state to hold 32 qubits
  • Each Register controlled by 1 Mojo FPGA (4 in Total)
  • Internet Interface programmed in Microsoft C# running in a ASP.NET web application wrapper.
  • The optics circuit is now a blue LED Black Body Radiation Model
  • The optic wave guides are to be fabricated from Optic Grade PMMA (Acrylic Plastic)
  • The Optic Transmitting Circuits will be fabricated from 3mm blue LED's 64 per register arranged in a Hilbert Curve array
  • The Optic Receiving Circuits will be fabricated from identical 3mm blue LED's forward biased with an enhanced FET
  • The entire device will be housed in a 229mm Wide x 619 mm Deep x 609mm High water cooled server tower
  • The founder will build the POC from his own funds and then look for equity partners once a demonstrable device is available

Latest Home Brew Circuit Research Video

Hilbert Curve Animation

The future development Light Circuit once the LED's are fabricated in an IC Form Factor will use an order 4  Hilbert Curve Optic Quantum (HCOQ) 256 bit or 128 qubit Register. This animation of a Order 4 Hilbert Curve (16 x 16), shows how the Alice Register undergoing a multiplication shift may be tested against a Qubit Register (Not Shown) and the result read in the left and right face of the Bob detector arrays (Not Shown)to detect a NOON State at each shift.

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