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Quantum SimulationComputing using Black Body Radiation at Standard Temperature and Pressure

Project Current Status as at 24 April 2021

Project is back on with full energy & enthusiasm this time I've given up calling it Quantum Computing (QC) it will be marketed as Quantum Computing Simulation (QCS) using thousands of "Noisy Virtual Qubits".

A brand new token will be issued to build up the business using my copyright "Hot Air Balloon" business model to employ the first three key positions CEO (Chief Entrepreneur Officer) CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) & CTO (Chief Technical Officer). I'm too old to try and run a modern blockchain coin/token business that's a young persons game but will maintain a board position to get it to the launch pad for the Moon Shot.

The business will supply, build & maintain hardware nodes in a server half size 2U Rack mount form factor to host Quantum Smart Contracts running on heavy duty FPGA's sitting below screamingly fast Linux servers with dual Ethernet ports (LAN & WAN) to handle the sequential internet streams computed on massive registers in the parallel processing on the FPGA Infinite State Machine (ISM) as opposed to the traditional Finite State Machine (FSM). This is the hardware side of the business the software side for the development of the Quantum Smart Contracts will be spun off it at a later stage of the road map.

Node Customers will get staking validation rewards for node up time to run the two types of nodes network Governance & Quantum Algorithm smart contracts for anyone (Public & Corporate) to burn research tokens on the initial algorithms offered.Results from the calculations will be encrypted for the public & corporate customers to protect their IP and allow them to incubate their idea safely. Cheap tokens will be available for students to sandbox their ideas on smaller register sets with massive registers available for corporate & tertiary education institutions for bigger quantities of burning tokens.

This coin will not be in competition with other coins but supply a service to other coin developers with a a basic tool set for the developer teams to add QCS functionality to their future coin versions & forks.

The full suite of Quantum Algorithms are available for viewing here: at the Quantum Algorithm Zoo.

In conclusion the Crypto Currency does not have to be afraid of QC crushing their industry but embrace it to build more powerful,robust, decentralised and encrypted apps needed for humanity to become a Galactic Civilisation.

Shayne Murray - Founder Pounder

Latest Home Brew Circuit Research Video

Hohlraum Block

The current Proof of Concept design uses 16 blue forward bias LED's configured in a Hilbert Array as the Alice transmitters and 16 reverse bias LEDs as the Bob receivers (Janus Configuration) mounted in a CNC machined aluminium block. Manufacture of the block is underway and two will be available for experimentation shortly. The LED's are transmitters on the Transmitter faces and can be configured as detectors on the two receiver faces. The top plate heat sink is not shown so the detail within the Hohlraum including the 50:50 glass plate beam splitter is easy to see. The design is ported for 25 LED's per face but only 16 will be used in the Proof-Of-Concept design as the FPGA has a limitation on the number of available IO pins. A larger FPGA will be required with 100 IO pins for production design.

Hilbert Curve Animation

The future development Light Circuit once the LED's are fabricated in an IC Form Factor will use an order 4  Hilbert Curve Optic Quantum (HCOQ) 256 bit or 128 qubit Register. This animation of a Order 4 Hilbert Curve (16 x 16), shows how the Alice Register undergoing a multiplication shift may be tested against a Qubit Register (Not Shown) and the result read in the left and right face of the Bob detector arrays (Not Shown)to detect a NOON State at each shift.

After 18 months of research and development two machined blocks of aluminium known as Hohlraums have finally arrived, ported out to receive 100 x 3mm blue LEDs (25 per face). The LEDs will function as forward bias Transmitters (2) and reverse bias Receivers(2) interfacing via a 50:50 beam splitter plate. Work can now start on a Proof-Of-Concept circuit and a White Paper titled "Instantiating Logical Qubits using JK Flops, FPGAs and LEDs".