Hot Air Balloon Business Model


This business model is the result of Shayne Murray's observation of 26 years in government service and small business.

Any organisation can be considered subject to two opposing forces the Cash Burning part and the Cash Collecting part combine in the organisation mimicking the action of a Hot Air Balloon that has to survive between two extremes of altitude if it is survive in the winds of the market forces.

Whether a business supplies a physical or service product this model is applicable.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) paints the dream of what the customer wants while at the same time of receives feed back on the perception of the market to the product already supplied. This auto adjustment ensures the marketing side of the business does not push the Balloon too high by expectations and hype for a product that fails to meet expectation either by quality or timing.

The Chief Information Officer's (CIO) job is to build the cash collecting envelope that catches the cash expended as hot air by the marketing product deign and production side of the business lifts the business of the ground. It must guard against building a structure that is too heavy through cost for marketing to lift.

The Chief Entrepreneur Officer's (CEO) job is not to dabble in pet projects but concentrate on getting the round pegs in the round holes and the square pegs in the square holes (personnel) that builds a focused team of Staff and loyal group of customers.


Qbitrex is commencing its crowd funding phase with its unconventional approach to the development of Quantum Computing (QC) from the less expensive top down macro quantum effects, quantum simulation followed finally by true single photon QC at Standard temperature and Pressure (STP).

No-traditional Hi-Tech investment fund advised by Academics will be going to fund an approach using an untested hypotheses that proposes to solve the infinities that plague attempts to resolve Quantum Mechanics and General relativity with a Cosmological Model of a finite universe supported within the Dirac Sea of an infinite multiverse containing serial and parallel universes.These Parallel Universes that have up to this point been the domain of the religions of the world. 

This dichotomy of the set of infinite numbers permits the effects Einstein called "Spooky Action at a distance" as a property of the multiverse field of the Dilatino and the source of the power behind QC. The ultimate mono-pole carrier of the H and B magnetic fields with a mass equivalent to the Planck Mass divided by the Avogadro Number. See for further details.

Qbitrex must therefore present a light at the end of the tunnel more commercial orientated business plan to smaller less sophisticated investors that will provide a revenue stream early on compared to the current industry standard that has consumed billions in currency and millions in man hours  of pure research for results that argued by critics to be just like broken clocks, that gives the correct answer twice a day.

Qbitrex will provide a mixture of hardware and software tools, including server time for researchers of all types wanting to test hypotheses in the fields traditionally expected that QC will dominate in such as cryptography, crypto-currency mining and multi-body simulations.

Qbitrex believes that due to the analogue nature of the pure QC calculation it will also dominate in high speed vehicle navigation and finally artificial intelligence robotics.

Opening up the power of QC first via non-linear and unconventional computing algorithms and later by true single photon non-linear near field interference to an open source like community more spin-off services will evolve and be a second wave like the first dot com wave of the late nineties.