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Quantum Computing using Photonics

Executive Summary/Abstract

The problems associated with realizing a true Quantum Computer are not just technical. The reason no-one has achieved it and are not likely to in the foreseeable future based on existing algorithms is because it requires a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of Physics.The GUT I am using is an extension of String Theory its name and main conclusions are set out in Appendix A. The takeaway from this GUT is that as everything is based on the simple harmonic motion of an RLC circuit in which the Resistance component (R) produces the real number line and the Inductance (L) and Capacitance (C) components produce the imaginary number line of experimental observation. These components are radial vectors with lengths less than the Planck Wavelength and are therefore outside of time and space permitting superluminal information to flow via the imaginary number line acting through the zero point. The basic unit of quantum calculation is carried out on a Qubyte which is two Qubits covering two degrees of freedom in Hilbert space which can be mapped to the Bloch Sphere as a Quaternion. The most robust vehicle for Qubyte manipulation is the Photon that through constructive and destructive interference of the two planes of streaming photons representing the Alice and Bob information can output a non Hermit-Gausian interrence fractal pattern through the top face of a square prism unstable resonant cavity device built from a solid laser such as a YAG slice 1 wavelength thick sandwiched between optical glass and pumped by adjacent side face emitting single photon emitting diode lasers. The eventual prototype will have two 64 bit emitters to output a 4096 bit pattern from the top face. All faces of this Schrödinger Black box a have voltaic cell coatings with a refractive index greater than the inner components so that all photons only pass through this unstable optical cavity once. This ensures the device can function as close as possible to a reversible isentropic device.