Quantum Computing using Photonics Page 2


My first love is String Theory and thanks to Professor Brian Greene's publications and video's has translated arcane Quantum Mechanic principles into concepts a technical reader can comprehend. I've been reading science at the undergraduate level since I was thirteen years old as I am now sixty one years young feel finally ready to publish in my own right, this paper I consider my PhD Thesis.

I am not an Academic and it quickly dawned on me that trying to interest other academics in the field of Grand Unified Theories to my ideas for extending string theory was not going to happen as their career involves endless reading of undergraduate techo babble which they take great delight in smashing faulty logic and any attempt to slaughter the sacred cows our current Physical Science based society is based on.

I am not complaining that's how the world works and I totally understand why no Professional Academic is going to risk his career and income stream on being associated with some wacko who experimented with lysergic acid diethylamide in his late teenage years just like Steve Jobs did.

So I decided to take another tack now that I am approaching that phase in your life when you attempt to make sense of the Brownian motion that is our path through life.

I decided to merge my other loves building hi-speed PC's and Entrepreneurship into the search for the GUT Holy Grail by supporting String Theory with experimental evidence and build practical devices like my hero Nikola Tesla that Academics can measure and debate the interpretations of to advance our Society.

Quantum Computers are essential for Starship Propulsion and Navigation if we are ever able to fulfill our destiny as mamalianKardashev scale type 1 colonizers of the Solar Systems left behind by the earlier but now extinct insect and reptilian civilizations that probabilistic-ally should have arisen by now.